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XO ERP is the web based real time solution for all Energy Companies.
We support any operating systems, device in your Office and Trucks without additional installation. Maintenance friendly.XO Wholesaler, Jobber, Distributors, Importer, Exporter, Fleet for Oil, Gas, LPG, Crud Oil. XO Cardlock, Convenient Store / Retail, Lubricant, Package, Branding, Digital Dispatch, Fleet Management and more,  the Software solution for you. XO is a dynamic Software made for the Fuel, Oi, LPG Industry and Oil Field. We will adopt your way of doing business, you don't need to adopt Software way. XO works seamlessly across operating systems, locations and departments. It unifies all of your data in one location which is easily accessible by all branches and your employees. XO ERP - a fully diversified Branch management Solution allowing instant Balance Sheet and Income Statements for each location and Warehouse
O is the answer and solution about the future cost increase. More cases efficient, paperless and full scalable across business.

With our experience you'll be at the forefront of energy innovation and proven technology.
Our simple and transparent work flow helping staff getting out of the jungle with older technology.
We fulfill employees and management expectation of modern technology.
With XO you’ll have the most powerful technology at your fingertips.
We are compatible with all major systems with in your office as well in the cloud.
No need for office hardware changes.
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