XOffice version of Fleet Management connected online with your office 24/7.
No need for expensive handheld's like in the old day's.
Stay current with us.
Why not using powerful and inexpensive Netbook's, Tablets, Pads or Phones?
Choose her devices your preference in your Truck.
Because we are on the XOffice cloud 24/7.
Now you have 24/7 office with you, anywhere.
Why synchronize handheld and wasting time and money?
Your better choice, online with our back office. 
This allows GPS integration over Tower and/ or Satelite standard GPS.
We will work with customer's existing GPS solution as well.
XOffice Fleet Management integration in bookkeeping and accounting allowing better and faster cost analysis. Every Customer has a different need on fleet management.
We design customized solution and integrate your solution in our ERP System for little or no upfront cost.
Delivery without a pain.
As ELD arrives by end of 2017, we already have all other electronics ready.
Please contact XOffice if we have the right solution for you.