XOffice goal is to provide an easy to use system with our customer's needs in mind.

User training should be accomplished with in the first hours and with in a day at the most.

Business size for which we provide services
No customer is too small or too big for us.

Concerns about Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux.....?
XOffice is platform independent. Whether you work on Mac, Unix, Linux or Windows, XOffice is compatible and doesn't require additional software or hardware installation.

Risk free
Computer systems often require intensive maintenance and can be complicated and confusing to use. Users may get the impression they are dependent on their system and that any changes are either impossible or quite complicated. With XOffice, no changes are made to your computer system. It's a painless and risk-free solution.

Looking for an independent system? Get your freedom back with XOffice.

For example: If you drive to work about 30 minutes one way, this amounts to 20 wasted hours a month. Wouldn't it be nice to work from home and avoid that drive? Considering the expense of your vehicle and the price of gas (rising every month), finding a new office solution can pay you dividends in money and time.


XOffice can be your solution.
You will save on rent for office space.
No need for a computer specialist.
Easy to use for everyone — it takes only minutes to learn.
You will save travel time and not have to face daily traffic.
Lower risk, because most accidents happen on your way to/from work.
XOffice keeps you independent of:
Office server
Operating systems
Local software
File cabinets
Paper — everything is digital
XOffice keeps track of your work activities:
Phone calls
Work flow
XOffice saves you time and money and brings freedom back in your work environment.
Personal tax write-off for your home office.
Go paperless.
Scan and save in your XOffice.
Integration tools like email, efax, writing, etc.
No conversion or syncronization between systems.
Built on world standards.