The Fuel Industry dealing with a variety of high demand refined products
XOffice providing solutions to the Fuel and Oil Industry
Blending as well re-branding of products creation an inventory challenge.
Consider unexpected price change, allocation and FIFO/LIFO is our inventory mainstream.
All in consideration of the above circumstances allows our XOffice a maximum on customers flexibility.
Blending fuel with an flexible FIFO/LIFO or by BOL layer an easy task to our system.
Sales Management keeps their sales force up to date with allocation and instant price update.
We also customize  our System for you and work very close with our customers together.
Some of our standard features:

  1. Blending (real time process)
  2. Branding
  3. Recipe (Fuel, Oil, Package tec)
  4. BPM -(Business Process Management = Process Automation)
  5. Real time Company Status (Order, Dispatch,Delivery,Delivered,Invoice etc)
  6. Unlimited Tier Pricing
  7. Unlimited Price groups
  8. Unlimited Product Groups
  9. Package Management
  11. Tax in Price
  12. Easy Tax / Exclusion settings( World wide)
  13. Cap-and-trade" ....integration and report (CO2 real time )
  14. Real time Allocation
  15. Real time Pricing (DTN / OPIS etc)
  16. Flex Tax - Sales / Road tax  and mixed (Any Tax option )
  17. Fleet Cost integration 
  18. Instant GP
  19. Instant Sales Report
  20. Commission Report by sales and/or by payment
  21. Dynamic form generator
  22. Electronic dispatch
  23. Ask for more, we have an list of over 400 features

Our System is developed from ground up with all features your need. Third party software and synchronization problems are foreign to us.  We offer as well export of data to third party software if required. Our Tax allows any mix on tax, Sales Tax on top of Road tax, Blending Tax, Tax in Cost, like Lust and Spill or cap and trade. Easy to adopt and most flexible system special designed ERP System for the  Fuel Industry.